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ProTech Water delivers non-toxic and efficient protective coatings and grouts
for infrastructure strengthening, rehabilitation and protection
which are environmentally compliant and user friendly.

We apply protective coatings and linings to water and chemical storage tanks, chemical containment basins, potable water reservoirs, hydro plants, water and wastewater facilities, manholes, pump rooms, lift stations, vaults, basins, grease traps, breakwater structures, ballast tanks, manufacturing facilities, electrical vaults, filters, catch basins, storm drains, tunnels, dams, slides, channels and just about any wet corrosive environment.

ProTech Coatings Specialty Coatings and Linings

Water Tank Rehabilitation

Water tanks, both steel and concrete, are found not only in municipal and rural water systems, but often in state and county parks, industrial manufacturing, aquariums, process facilities, chemical manufacturers, theme parks, marine, offshore businesses, wineries, restaurants, and even dental offices. Water tanks have a finite life that can be shortened by poor maintenance or subject to harsh corrosive environments and their service is extended through rehabilitation.

Itís cost efficient for organizations to repair and rehabilitate water tanks with protective coatings verses replacing them. In California, there are also permitting issues and complying with regulatory requirements, especially strict for potable water. Therefore, the materials and manner that are applied must also be environmentally friendly.

As shown below, steel tanks clan look nice on the outside and develop steel cancer (corrosion), on the inside that results in dime-sized or larger holes. Untreated water in tanks develops foul bacteriological growth, aggressive anaerobic sediments and deposits that provide a niche for harmful bacteria and major corrosion activity.

ProTech is vendor-certified to prepare, repair, coat and/or line these deteriorating tanks. This extends the structureís service life significantly. After surface preparation, relining and coated, the reservoir is once again safe and serviceable. The photos below, show two steel water tanks repaired, coated and lined by ProTech Coatings.

A manufacturer trained and certified product applicator, ProTech Coatings is dedicated to the proper surface preparation and providing an innovative technological solution to corrosion of water tanks and structures. Epoxy products known for unmatched adhesion, are selected for chemical resistance and applied carefully to achieve superior integrity. ProTech Coatings is a steady-growing company striving to be the best quality multi-regional applicator providing the highest possible results using 100 % solids epoxy coatings environmentally compliant and approved by the State of California Department of Public Health, Office of Drinking Water.

We stop the big leaks and repair small tanks too! ProTech coats hydro-pneumatic, chemical tanks, and we fix other problems. ProTech your drinking water and your investment. Contact the ProTech Coatings professionals for a tank inspection.

Rehabilitated tanks last longer than replacements.

Serving Nevada, Central and Southern California.

Enjoy fresh clean healthy water!

protective linings applied


Lawrence Price
Director of Quality Assurance