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ProTech Water delivers non-toxic and efficient protective coatings and grouts
for infrastructure strengthening, rehabilitation and protection
which are environmentally compliant and user friendly.

We apply protective coatings and linings to water and chemical storage tanks, chemical containment basins, potable water reservoirs, hydro plants, water and wastewater facilities, manholes, pump rooms, lift stations, vaults, basins, grease traps, breakwater structures, ballast tanks, manufacturing facilities, electrical vaults, filters, catch basins, storm drains, tunnels, dams, slides, channels and just about any wet corrosive environment.

Warren Epoxy Coating


ProTech Coatings is proud to be the licensed applicator of Warren Environmental System’s 100% solids epoxy coating. This unique product and application process has the ability to produce a ceramic-like finish in damp environments that can resist attacks by hydrogen sulfide and other aggressive chemicals. Epoxy coatings provide optimum chemical resistance and the ultimate in coating strengths ideal for rehabilitation projects. Once applied, epoxy coatings improve the integrity of the existing system and protect it from future corrosion. Sprayable formulations are available for waterproofing and sealing, as well as for concentrated chemical containment and structural rehabilitation. After application, it takes just a few hours for the epoxy coating to set to a ceramic-like finish that is impermeable to most bacterial and chemical attack. Manholes, wet wells, pump stations, pipelines, and other structures can be completely structurally rehabilitated with minimal out-of-service time. Warren Environmental System (WES) is environmentally friendly and safe and it is backed with one of the longest warranties in the industry.

The Warren system has an excellent, time-proven reputation and the epoxy system is ideal for rehabilitating manholes, lift stations, treatment plants and all other structures that have been deteriorated by hydrogen sulfide attack and corrosion. Additionally, many design engineers and their clients are discovering the value of coating new structures with Warren Environmental System epoxy. This coating will protect the investment of the customer for years to come.

The 100 % solids epoxy material is nontoxic and nonpolluting.

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WES epoxy is used by a growing number of municipalities to protect sewer manholes from hydrogen sulfide attack as well as infiltration from ground water. Industrial plants are finding many uses for WES epoxy in their underground systems including containment structures holding high temperature and chemicals. WES stops inflow, infiltration, exfiltration, and restores structural integrity while providing protection against hydrogen sulfide (biogenic) corrosion.

Applied properly it obtains an excellent mechanical and chemical bond to the existing structure with a compressive strength in excess of 10,000 psi.

WES epoxy is ideally suited for the rehabilitation of large diameter sewer lines, underground concrete, tunnels, aqueducts, pipelines, brick & concrete tanks, steel tanks and vessels, manholes and lift stations, clarifiers, chemical basins, floors, walls, and vaults plus many other concrete, brick, and steel structures.

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Our experienced epoxy applicators renew the structural integrity and corrosion resistance of deteriorated structures.

The Warren epoxy has excellent adhesion to concrete, clay and steel when spray applied to manholes, lift stations and other structures including pipe. The high thixotropic index of Warren epoxy allows us to build thicknesses that will carry all structural loads. Numerous completed projects in highly corrosive atmospheres prove that Warren epoxy is a longterm solution to problems in sanitary sewers.

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Lawrence Price
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