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ProTech Water delivers non-toxic and efficient protective coatings and grouts
for infrastructure strengthening, rehabilitation and protection
which are environmentally compliant and user friendly.

We apply protective coatings and linings to water and chemical storage tanks, chemical containment basins, potable water reservoirs, hydro plants, water and wastewater facilities, manholes, pump rooms, lift stations, vaults, basins, grease traps, breakwater structures, ballast tanks, manufacturing facilities, electrical vaults, filters, catch basins, storm drains, tunnels, dams, slides, channels and just about any wet corrosive environment.

S-301 Structural Epoxy Spray System

A two part, highly thixotropic epoxy system formulated for spraying with Warren Environmental Inc.ís patented meter/mix heated spray equipment.


Formulated with special additives and modifiers to enhance the water and chemical resistance, and provide bond strength to a variety of substrates as well as it's own internal structural strength. The high thixotropic index and specialized equipment allows for up to a 1/4 inch build-up on vertical and overhead surfaces without drips, runs or sags.

Application: Designed for use with Warren Environmentalís patented meter, mix and spray equipment. The epoxy component utilizes a 2 parts base to1 part activator mix ratio by volume. This product is sold and installed only by technicians specifically trained and licensed by Warren Environmental in the patented techniques. ProTech Coatings technicians are specially trained, certified and experienced applicators of this unique epoxy surfacing system.


Long Working Time Relative to Cure Time
Excellent Cure at Low Temperature Excellent Cure at High Humidity Zero Induction Time 0% VOCís
100% Solids Non-Toxic & Non-DOT Regulated Ready-to-Use (No Thinning Required) Water and Chemical Resistance with Ambient Cure Achieve High-Build Thicknesses without Sag Resistant to Sulfuric Acid & Harsh Chemical Attack Restores Structural Integrity & Increases Life Expectancy

Special Safety and Handling

There are no special safety or handling procedures beyond those published on the Material Safety Data Sheets.

Brick manhole in protected sensitive wetlands with unwanted intrusion water coning in from wall and bench areas

after stopping groundwater infiltration and rehabilitation of bench areas after

epoxy protective coating
No more intrusion
No more H2S corrosion
No digging permits required
Bird Nesting & Habitat were not disturbed

Serving Nevada, Central and Southern California.

Enjoy fresh clean healthy water!

protective linings applied


Lawrence Price
Director of Quality Assurance